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About Scottish Holidays

Scottish Holidays based in Aberdeen, Scotland, has been proudly offering online information and resources for holiday travellers since 1998. Our service has grown tremendously, making us a market leader in Scottish tourism.

There are many other websites out there offering Scottish travel and holiday destination information, but Scottish Holidays stands out above them all. Why? It's because our approach to providing information about travel in Scotland is unique. Each comprehensive article includes photographs, vivid descriptions of each destination, and a wealth of information about the features and activities you'll find there.

Where other websites are only interested in getting you to click through to a travel or booking agent, Scottish Holidays is committed to providing you with the real, valuable, and comprehensive information you need to make a decision about where to embark upon your next holiday adventure.

Just beginning to gather information about travel to Scotland? Our destination articles are filled with vibrant descriptions as well as practical travel information, helping you to determine which locations to include on your itinerary.

Already know where you want to go in Scotland? Our destination articles provide the detailed information you need to finalize your travel planning.

We strive to keep every article up to date and accurate by conducting periodic reviews, providing you with the very best information available to assist with your holiday plans. Our writers and researchers are knowledgeable and professional, ensuring each article is interesting, accurate, and full of the most current information we can find. What's more, we have the privilege of working with a tenured faculty member from America's largest university system who brings a depth of expertise and knowledge to Scottish Holidays that you simply won't find on any other website.

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