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Montrose Travel Guide - Scotland

Nestled on a sandy spit between the North Sea and Montrose Basin is the charming active port and seaside resort town of Montrose. Directly off the main railway line from Aberdeen, Montrose offers modern sport and shopping activities as well as historic sightseeing in Old Montrose to the west of the contemporary town centre, and the old settlement of Stonehaven to the north.

Once the home of wealthy seafarers and merchants, this royal burgh with over 900 years of history has been left brimming with richly crafted, opulent buildings, homes and shops of a distinctive grey-pink stone, shining in the reflected faces of the rivers South and North Esk. Along the coasts are some of the most impressive cliffs in all of Scotland, home to an amazing variety of wildlife.

The original castle of Montrose was decimated by the nationalist hero William Wallace in 1297, but many great historical sites remain including the Old Church on High Street. The unique German-influenced architecture of the Lochside Distillery dominated the harbourside view for over a century, but has now been scheduled for demolition in favour of a new shopping complex.

Secluded boats in Montrose harbour - Picture taken by Darren MacLean To the south lies beautiful Lunan Bay, complete with smooth beaches and ancient ruins. Also to the south of town is Carnoustie, the world–famous golf course. All along the Montrose outskirts are quaint fishing villages like Crawton and Catterline, steeped in the old way of life.

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Montrose Church
Scurdie Ness a distinctive lighthouse - photograph © The

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