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Aberfoyle Travel Guide - Scotland

Aberfoyle located on the River Firth is within easy reach of airports in Glasgow, Rothesay and Perth. As the gateway to the Highlands, it was little more than a remote Highland clachan until the late 18th century. The old village of Aberfoyle figured prominently in Sir Walter Scott's book. Rob Roy and Scott actually spent some time in the area while he was writing this book. The Lady of the Lake was written in Aberfoyle and it was largely due to its publication that attention centred on Aberfoyle as a popular tourist destination.

The ruins of the church and the manse date back to the 1700's and the belfry still remains. There are many old headstones in the cemetery. The ruins of Milton's Mill date back to the late 1600's. The Duchray Castle was built in the 16th century and still remains although it is really a tower house, rather than a castle in comparison to others in the country. Near the castle you will see the bridge over the Firth that was the sight of a feud between the Grahams of Duchray and their kin. Other sites that you must visit in Aberfoyle include the large stone circle on the hill near the Forestry Housing and the Covenanters' Inn, where the covenant of Scotland was drawn up in 1949.

Loch Lomond - Picture taken by Dave Green Travel the Duke's Road where you will see panoramic views in all directions. This road leads to the Trossachs, a spectacular location often called the miniature Highlands. Here you will see unspoilt scenery and wildlife to delight you and if you want some exercise, there are excellent pathways in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. The tiny Trossachs church also attracts many visitors because of its peaceful setting.

There are many accommodations in Aberfoyle, such as the Trossachs Holiday Park, self-catering cottages, bed and breakfasts and hotels. There are also restaurants where you can enjoy a delightful meal and if you want to spend your time in Aberfoyle in the lap of luxury you can stay at the Forest Hills Resort in the heart of the Trossachs.

Sunset On The Edge Of A Frozen Loch In the Trossachs