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Dalavich Travel Guide - Scotland

Dalavich, south-west of Taychreggan, is one of the smallest villages in Argyll and Bute with a standing population of less than eighty souls. While Dalavich's only primary school was closed in the late twentieth century due to a lack of pupils, the village is still a going concern with an active church, cafè, post office and gift shop, as well as offering boats for hire for angling in Loch Awe, famous for its trout.

The real splendour of Dalavich, however, are the surrounding woods.

The community was founded in 1952 in order to support forestry operations in the nearby Inverliever Forest under the auspices of Her Majesty's Forestry Commission. Dalavich forestry territory was expanded in 1971 to include the Inverinan Forest as well.

These carefully managed forests offer visitors a variety of possibilities for natural adventure and sightseeing, including Dalavich Oakwood Trail and Avich Waterfall. Quaint tourist cabins are available to let, situated at the confluence of bike – and walking–trails through lush, old–growth tracts inhabited by all manner of woodland creatures (including the distinctive pine marten and red squirrel).

Just outside of Dalavich are marble quarries which, while no longer in operation, provide a fascinating glimpse into the area's geology.
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