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Falkirk Travel Guide - Scotland

Falkirk is a historic town in Central Scotland. It is strategically located so that it is at the juncture of all the major motorways and railways and is within easy driving distance of both Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has been an important location in the country since Roman Times, when these ancient people built the Antonine Wall between the Firths of Clyde and Forth. Falkirk is one of the best places in the country to see the most visible remains of Roman occupation in Scotland.

Falkirk was the site of two major battles of historical significance. The first battle took place in 1298 when the army of King Edward I defeated William Wallace placing Scotland under English rule until Robert the Bruce took back control in 1346. The second battle occurred in 1746, when the Jacobites led by Bonnie Prince Charlie stormed Stirling Castle.

Experts believe that the name of this town came from the name of a church built here in medieval times – Faw–kirk. The people of the area built houses around the church, which soon developed into a town and by 1550, Falkirk was well–established as a market town. The Falkirk Museum Service operates three museums in this area – Callander House, Kinneil Museum and Grangemouth Museum. At Callander House you can see a living history production entitled "William Forbe's Falkirk" which takes visitors through the history of the town from the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie to the dawn of the railway. See the collection of Roman coins at the Kinneil Museum and you can learn the story of the early planned towns in Scotland at the Grangemouth Museum.

Pineapple Shaped Building in Falkirk With three parks in this town, there are many opportunities for the whole family to enjoy a day in the fresh air. At Callander Park and Dollar Park, for example, there are many activities for the children including a Bouncy Castle and Crazy Golf. The Falkirk Wheel is the main attraction here. This is a marvel of the 21st century with the only rotating boat lift in the world. It is designed to connect the Firths of Firth and Clyde and the Union Canal. You can take a boat trip at this site and there is a visitor centre where you can see the wheel in action. Capable of lifting more than eight boats at a time, this is one event that will thrill every member of the family.

Falkirk is one of the leading shopping destinations in Central Scotland with numerous specialty stores, many brand name stores in the Mall and Callander Square on High Street. Falkirk also has a reputation for having some of the finest restaurants and eateries in the region. The International Food Festival, held in July, is a chance for all the restaurants in the town to show off their finest dishes.

The unique landscape offers a wealth of outdoor activities and you will certainly want to take lots of pictures of the breathtaking scenery. There are many different kinds of accommodations for every taste and budget allowing you to spend all the time you wish enjoying what Falkirk has to offer.
The Falkirk Wheel
The remains of the rampart and ditch of Antonine?s Wall, built across Central Scotland by the Romans as the northern boundary of their empire.