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Kilmartin Travel Guide - Scotland

The true spirit of the Highlands lives on in the Mid–Argyll village of Kilmartin, situated between Lochgilphead to the north and Oban to the south. Unlike some similar communities, Kilmartin has not been transformed by tourism but rather remains true to its roots with a native, working populace whose ancestors are buried within walking distance. There is a hint of genuine Old Scotland in that continuity.

The lush Kilmartin Glen and valley system is home to hundreds of prehistoric stoneworks including henges, rings, cups, cairns and standing stones, some dating back to 3,000 BC. These ruins (some restored, some not) can be explored on foot in the undisturbed, primal greenery of the Glen or studied at the Kilmartin House Museum of Ancient Culture located within the village itself.

The area is also home to three castles. Kilmartin Castle, dating from the late sixteenth century, stands above the village and has been restored into a private residence. To the north lies Carnasserie Castle, a sixteenth–century Campbell ruin open to the public year–round. To the west is Duntrune Castle, a private residence with cottages for rent and a spectacular view of the islands. Sections of the Duntrune keep date back to the twelfth century.

The village itself is home to the historic Kilmartin Church (which features a famous, ancient graveyard and stone monuments), as well as the standard sundries for visitors (hotel, post office, restaurant, craft shop, public lavatories). Kilmartin is also well-situated for both fresh– and salt–water fishing throughout the summer months.

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