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Tobermory Travel Guide - Scotland

Tobermory is located on the northeastern part of the Isle of Mull. It is the capital and the only burgh on the island and has a population of about 700 people. Its origins date back to 1788, when it was established as a fishing port. Tobermory is only a 40–minute drive when you disembark from the ferry at Craignure. The name of the town comes from Tobar Mhoire, which means "Well of St. Mary".

Experts believe that a treasure ship of the Spanish Armada sunk in the harbour, so if you come here to do some scuba diving, you might just locate a lost treasure. The only fame you will get is the discovery itself because what you find will belong to the Heritage Trust. The famous composer Felix Mendelssohn visited here in 1829 and this visit is commemorated with an annual music festival. In addition, folk music is alive and well in Tobermory with the annual folk festival.

The brightly coloured buildings of Tobermory make it a very popular place for filming. In fact the popular television program for children, Balamory, is filmed here. This is the perfect holiday destination for families with young children. Have your picture taken standing next to the Tobermory Clock Tower located on the seafront. The brightly painted houses look like a scene from a storybook and there is a wealth of activities to engage visitors of all ages.

Glengorm Castle - Tobermory on the Isle of Mull The children will love taking part in the Quest, an adventure program that sees them completing several tasks involving different aspects of the island before they receive the prize – a Magic Stone of Mull. Explore the family home of the Clan Maclean at Duart Castle, where there are battlements, a keep and a dark dungeon. Take part in a chocolate making workshop at Tobermory Chocolate and buy some of the specialties to take back home with you.

Learn about the process of making whisky with a guided tour of the Tobermory Distillery. Here guides will take you through the facility and explain the process as you move along. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a taste of the finished product. Enjoy the impressive exhibits of local and national artists at the An Tober Arts Centre, Gallery and Café. This is also the site of many local events such as concerts and ceilidhs that are more frequent in summer than in winter.

In addition to strolling throughout the town, you can enjoy quiet walks in the surrounding countryside. The island is the natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, many of which you will glimpse on your walks. You can fish in the streams, but you do need to have a fishing permit. Take a whale watching tour to see these giant mammals as they frolic and play and there are also guided tours on land to take you to places where you can see seals basking on the shore.

Tobermory offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. There are also many pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy a fine meal and drink with the many new friends you meet here.