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Blackwaterfoot Travel Guide - Scotland

Blackwaterfoot is a hamlet standing amid ancient remains. There is a footpath to the King's Cave, which starts from near the beach cutting through the golf course and along the hilltop. There is a standing stone that marks the grave of Fingal's daughter and there are also the remains of an old fort here. The path then leads down a steep cliff and across some rocks to Kings Cave. It was here that Robert the Bruce found inspiration from a simple spider, as it repeatedly struggled up its silken thread. There are three other caves here known as his Kitchen, Cellar and Stable, which may have been used by Fingal. Strangely enough, the cliffs here have basaltic pillars too, just like those on Staffa, the site of the famous Fingal's Cave.

There are several hotels and pubs in the village as well as shops and a post office. There is a golf course nearby. Pony Trekking in Blackwaterfoot is also available. The Kinloch hotel offers excellent accommodation and a wide range of sporting facilities.

Don't miss the nearby village of Sliddery. The name Sliddery comes from Gaelic meaning "field of slaughter". It was here that marauding Vikings foolishly decided that this valley looked like a good place to settle, only to their dismay.

Nowadays the tiny hamlet sits on the hill above the estuary, about half a mile from the shore. A lane leads down to coastal meadows below the old cliff line and a fascinating pebble beach.

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