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Corrie Travel Guide - Scotland

Corrie is the next village north of Brodick and one of the nicest on the island. The now silted harbour was built in 1882 to ship locally quarried limestone. A track leads from the village up to Goatfell. Its name means windy hill and comes from the Norse, "Gast Bheinn". It stands some impressive 874 metres and is a luring challenge for hill walkers.

Be warned that even on a warm summers day, the climate at the top may be less inviting, so make sure you take extra clothing. Alternatively you can walk along the coast to Fallen Rocks or to High Corrie Hamlet, the birthplace of book publisher, Daniel Macmillan.
Sannox is a pretty village seven miles north of Brodick with palm trees, a very good beach and a 9-hole golf course.

There are old barite mines in Glen Sannox above the village and you can walk along a track road to get to the spectacular glen. The village was originally deserted in 1823 when villagers were evicted and sent to Canada.

Goat Fell the mountain is owned by the National Trust for Scotland  © Matthew Hart
Coastline by Corrie © Matthew Hart

All photographs © Matthew Hart