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Largs Travel Guide - Scotland

On the beautiful west coast of Scotland, visitors will find the seaside resort of Largs. Ever since the time of the Middle Ages, this town has an exciting history. In 1263, an important battle took place here that changed the course of Scottish history. Until this time, Scotland was part of Norway. Alexander III defeated the Norse sailors resulting in the lands being recognized as being under Alexander's control. The Viking festival held here every year boasts of the town's history. This is weeklong event held every August where the townspeople relive the Battle of Largs. There are many booths where you can buy local arts and crafts and ending with a spectacular fireworks display.

The Vikingar tour is the ultimate for anyone who wants to learn more of this connection between Largs and the Vikings. The multi-media presentation tells you all about the famous battle and all aspects of Viking life.

Memoral to The Battle of Largs 1263 On the east side of the town, there is a large hillside. The Gaelic word for hillside is "Laerg", which gives the town its name. Largs is a very popular destination for tourist because of the breathtaking scenery and the fact that they can travel here on a paddle steamer, the Waverly during the summer months. It is also easily accessible by road and by train service from Glasgow to the train station in Largs.

About a mile outside of town you will find the beautiful Kelburn County Park, the home of the Earls of Glasgow for hundreds of years. The many activities available here for all members of the family include soccer, horseback riding, picnicking, walking and of course listening to the engaging storytellers at the museum.

Many tourists come here to see if they can hear the legendary Largs Hum. This loud noise is often heard on quiet nights, but only in a certain part of town. Although many theories have been put forward as to the cause, no one has yet discovered the true roots of the noise. Maybe you will when you visit.

Caledonian MacBrayne Hebridean & Clyde Ferries: Cumbrae – Largs – Cumbrae Slip Millport ferry.

Promenade along Largs front
Largs town centre