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Mauchline Travel Guide - Scotland

Explore the town with the 2000–year–old history when you come to Mauchline in East Ayrshire. Recorded history of the town dates back as far as 681 regarding a battle between the Picts and the Scots, so it is safe to assume that the town was established long before that date. The Cistercian monks built an abbey here in the 1100's. The ruins of this abbey were known as Hunters Tower, but today they are known as Mauchline Castle. Trade has always been the mainstay of the economy of the town and industries in the town have made everything from clocks to curling stones, a business that is still in production.

Mauchline is the former home of Robert Burns and it was here he wrote such famous works as "The Holy Fair" and "Holy Wullies Prayer". The house where he once lived is now a museum and a popular tourist attraction. It is said that Robert Burns and Joan Armour were married in the dining room of Mauchline Castle.

Another popular pastime for tourists is playing golf at the Ballochmyle Golf Club. This 18–hole course is a parkland course with plenty of trees to test your skills. The lanes of Mauchline make for a very exciting day of cycling. There are a few hills to climb, but with the breathtaking scenery to take your attention you won't mind the extra bit of exertion.

If you want to see an authentic 15th century castle, then Sorn Castle in Mauchline is where you need to go. This castle is located about 4 miles outside of town. It has seen many additions throughout the centuries and was once the home of the Campbells of Loudon, although today it is the property of the McIntyres.

Shopping in Mauchline has to include a trip to the stores selling crystal. The hand cut and engraved quality crystal that is sold here has a reputation around the world as being some of the finest crystal on the market.

Mauchline has plenty of accommodations to suit every taste and budget. The same thing applies to dining locations. Choose from Oriental and Indian cuisine, but tourists love to sample the traditional Scottish dishes with the flavour of home cooking.
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