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Castle Douglas Travel Guide - Scotland

A small market town located in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Castle Douglas is the ideal base for your exploration of the surrounding villages and towns. The name of the town gives the impression that it is the site of a castle. However, you will not find a castle here because the name comes from the story of a poor peddler, William Douglas, who became a rich merchant. There is evidence that people inhabited this town as far back as the prehistoric times. Artificial islands, known as crannogs, were built in the shallow waters of Carlingwark Loch even before the arrival of the Romans.

Castle Douglas Park Orchardtown Tower is the only Scottish tower house built in the Irish cylindrical style. Threave Castle is located on an island in the River Dee is accessible by boat, but you have to be prepared for a long walk to reach the castle itself. Dating back to the 15th century, the castle is surrounded by an artillery fortification. Threave Garden and Estate will provide you with a look at what life was like in Victorian times and a walk through the gardens will refresh your soul. With a wildfowl refuge, nature trails and luxurious displays of blooming flowers, it is the perfect place for some quiet time.

There are many bed and breakfast establishments where you will find comfortable accommodations. The selection of restaurants will provide you with traditional Scottish food in a friendly atmosphere. Sit back and relax at the pub where you can enjoy the music and the conversations that surround you.

Castle Douglas
Castle Douglas Street