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Moffat Travel Guide - Scotland

One of the most picturesque of all the Scottish Border towns, Moffat is a spa town in Dumfries and Galloway. It is located along the River Annan and has a population of about 2500 people. In its early days, Moffat was a notable market town for the wool trade. There is a statue of a ram in the market place to commemorate this part of the town's heritage. From the beginning the ram has no ears and this is believed to be because the sculptor committed suicide before the statue was completed.

The most striking feature of Moffat is its natural beauty. There are many natural attractions here to visit and all of them are within walking distance of the town. Visit the Grey Mare's Tail, a dramatic waterfall and nature reserve located only 10 miles from the town. The waterfall is the 5th highest in the United Kingdom and the area is home to an abundance of birds and wildlife. The area is mountainous and wild, but the richness of the plant life makes it one of the botanical jewels of Scotland. Take a short walk to the top of the waterfall to its source, Loch Sheen. Even though you do have to be careful on the narrow trails, the view from the top is worth the effort.

If you like to take a daily walk, one that will really fill your senses, is up through the Moffat hills to the Devil's Beef Tub. This is a natural feature of the landscape that was once the hiding place of the cattle rustlers of the area. One stroll through the streets of Moffat will let you know why this town as has won the award of "Scotland in Bloom" on numerous occasions. There are specialty gardens, such as those at Craigieburn located only two miles away. This garden is planted on an ancient site where the plants are laid out over 5 acres. Another delightful garden can be found at the Craiglochan Gardens set in the beautiful Moffat Water Valley. Here you can stroll through the blooms and spend some time in peace and tranquility.

Learn about the spa heritage of the town with a visit to the Moffat Museum. With three floors of exhibits, you will have a look at the geology of the region, the famous families of the town and its railroad heritage. The woollen heritage of Moffat is still alive and well at the Moffat Woollen Mill. Here you will find the very best in Scottish knitwear, whether it is something for yourself or a sweater to bring home to a friend.

While in Moffat you can relax and walk about in the sunshine or enjoy a refreshing spa. It is a natural wholesome area where you can vacation in a peaceful country setting. Experience the feeling of remoteness when you visit St. Mary's Loch as part of the Southern Upland Way or taste the specialty foods offered in the restaurants of the Moffat Town Centre. Everything here is geared towards your enjoyment and once you make one visit here you will definitely return.
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