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New Lanark Travel Guide - Scotland

Lanark is a town in the central part of Scotland. Nestled in the lower Clyde Valley, it is located 27 miles from Glasgow and 34 miles from Edinburgh. Trains and buses run regularly from both these cities to Lanark, which has become a popular tourist destination. Here you will find one of the busiest markets in all of Scotland.

The history of Lanark dates back to medieval times when Kind David I made it a Royal Burgh in 1140. Each year, the town celebrates the Lanimer Celebrations, which take place over the course of a week in June. Some of the festivities involve inspecting the boundary stones of the community in the Walking of the Marches and the Riding of the Marches. There are pipe bands and parades and the crowning of a Queen.

Lanark was the home of William Wallace, who killed the English sheriff, Haselrig, here in 1297. You can see the statue of Wallace at St. Nicholas's Church at the end of High Street. There is also a plaque here that will tell you of his exploits and there is a pub in the town called "Wallace's Cave". One of the churches in the community is named after St. Mungo, who established many churches in medieval Scotland. Visit the graveyard to see the gravestones of the many Covenanters who came from this town.

You can also visit the model town of New Lanark, which was founded in 1796 for the purpose of carrying out the mill industry. The spectacular Falls of Clyde are truly a sight to behold. They include a series of waterfalls – Bonnington Linn, Corra Linn, Dundaff Linn and Stonebyres Linn, located along the River Clyde. These waterfalls are managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust are are one of four UNESCO World Heritage sites in Scotland. The poem "Cora Linn" written by William Wordsworth in 1802, is about the largest of these waterfalls.

Lanach Loch is a large boating lake with an adjoining golf course. Here you can spend many enjoyable hours as you take in the delights of Lanark. There is also a racecourse and pony-trekking activities in this area. Castlebank Park is quite close to the former location of Lanark Castle and will also give you access to the River Clyde.

Visit the Wester Kittochside Farm, which is a 100–acre farm complete with a Georgian farmhouse that contains many of the old farm tools and implements used in the 19th century. Black Hill is the site of a burial cairn dating back to the Bronze Age. It was also the site of an Iron Age Fort looking out over the Clyde Valley. Hamilton is a small village in this area where you can visit a museum and an 18th century church.

With the wealth of accommodations in the area, you won't have difficulty finding a place to stay whether it is for a night or a week.

New Lanark Heritage Centre
Corra Linn Waterfall