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Tour Guides in Scotland

One of the best ways to see Scotland and get a true feel for the people, the landscape, and the stunning beauty of the land is to make arrangements to use a tour guide. There are tour guides for just about any activity, any location, and any type of excursion or adventure you might want. Before making a final decision about whether or not using a tour guide is right for you, let's take a look at tour guide services in more detail.

Many tour guides for many types of travellers

As you might imagine, a country as varied as Scotland will offer a huge variety of tour guide options. From large commercial ventures to a single individual offering highly customized and personalized tours, you can find the right tour guide for your needs quite easily.

Bus Tours - These types of tour guides are most common in cities and larger towns, but they can be found elsewhere as well. A bus tour guide generally serves as a narrator and source of information for bus passengers, offering information about the sights outside the windows as the bus passes. Many times this type of tour guide will also offer some guiding information at specific stops along the bus tour route.

Walking Tours - These tour guides can be found in cities and towns of just about any size, especially in places where a particular neighbourhood or area is a popular tourist attraction. A walking tour guide will lead a group of people in and around the tour area, offering information and answering questions along the way. It's a good way to explore a neighbourhood while getting more personalized attention and information.

General Guided Tours - These are tour guides who escort visitors in and around a particular area, location, or site of interest. They typically begin by offering an introduction on what to expect during the tour, and then throughout the tour share information, tidbits, and answer questions. From cities to towns to national parks and more, visitors can find all kinds of general guided tours to enjoy.

Castle Tours - With hundreds of different castles to explore in Scotland, many visitors find it's a great idea to use a tour guide to get the most out of their castle tour. Guides can give historical information, talk about memorable activities and events that took place in a particular castle, and answer just about any question you might pose. Using a tour guide is an especially good idea for some of the older castles where the physical structures have deteriorated because the guide can describe how the castle used to look and paint a vivid picture of it in your mind.

Outdoor Tours - Scotland is home to some of the best and most memorable outdoor adventures, and to get even more out of the experience an outdoor tour guide can be an excellent choice. From skiing to fishing to hunting to bird watching to sailing and more, the right tour guide can mean the difference between a successful adventure and one that leaves something to be desired. Especially for those activities where local knowledge and expertise is important, it is well worth the extra cost to hire a knowledgeable outdoor tour guide. Many of these types of guides also supply whatever outdoor equipment you might need for your tour, making it especially easy to experience Scotland without having to bring along a lot of gear or clothing of your own.

Using a tour guide for exploring Scotland can be an excellent choice for many visitors. It's a great way to get firsthand knowledge of the location, activity, or other noteworthy excursion you're going on, which often adds tremendously to your enjoyment. Although it typically costs a bit more to hire a tour guide than to go the self-guided route, most visitors find it is more than reasonable as a way to get even more out of their Scotland vacation.