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Wick Travel Guide - Scotland

Wick is located in the Caithness area of the Scottish Highlands along the A99-A9 road that links John o'Groats with Britain. It has a population of just fewer than 10,000 and has been a Royal Burgh since 1589. You can also fly to Wick with the airport located just outside of the town and the rail line also passes through here. The name of the town comes from a Norse word meaning bay, which is evidence that the Vikings once settled this area.

Old Castle Wick, also known as the Old Man of Wick, dates back to the 13th century when the Norse ruled the town. At one time this area was considered to be part of the Norwegian kingdom. The Earl Harald Maddadarson built this castle as his stronghold on the mainland of Britain and there is evidence that the area had been settled long before this. You can visit the ruins of the castle to see the tall tower that still stands on the edge of the cliffs. There are also two other castles in the area – Castle Girnigoe and Castle Sinclair.

Wick also includes Pulteneytown and here you can visit the Old Pulteney whisky distillery. Take a tour of the facilities and see how it draws the water from the Mill Lade. Sample the fine results and buy a few bottles to take back home with you. At the Wick Heritage Museum, you can see the artefacts that tell of the days long gone when Wick was an important herring–fishing town. Here you can also learn about how the Southern part of the town was laid out by Thomas Telford in an attempt to encourage evicted crofters through the Highland Clearances to take up fishing as a new way of life. Thomas Telford is famous for building many new things through the start of the Industrial Revolution, including Telford Bridge in Inverness and the Caledonian Canal from the River Ness.

Today Wick is a busy town with plenty of accommodations for visitors. You can stroll through the streets and chat with the locals. Drop into the stores to buy some of the local crafts and to the pub for a drink to quench your thirst from all your walking.

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