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Auchtermuchty Travel Guide - Scotland

The name Auchtermuchty means, "slope of the wild pig" and is located within easy access of St. Andrews and Dundee. It is located on the edge of the Howe of Firth and is only two hours drive from Aberdeen. Located at the intersection of the A91 and the A983 roads and is only 7 miles from Cupar. This town has a long history with evidence of people living here about 2000 years ago. The first evidence of a dwelling here is believed to date back to 350 A.D. in the times of the Romans.

When in Auchtermuchty you can visit the War Memorial and read the names of those that lost their lives in the two world wars. There are many bridges here over the Calsay Burn, but the most famous is the Tory Brig because it was the route taken by the Tories when trying to escape a mob of townsfolk. The last person to be kept in the jail here was a woman who threw a turnip at the people who were voting for the Tories.

Macduff House is the oldest building in Auchtermuchty and dates back to 1597. Some of the other old buildings in the town include the Town House, built in 1728, the Parish Church, built in 1781 and the Boar's Head which was once an inn and is now the site of a hotel. Auchtermuchty is also the venue for the TV series "Dr Finlay's Casebook" and is the hometown of the "Proclaimers" an internationally acclaimed singing duo.

When you stroll through Auchtermuchty, the sight of the red pantiles and crow gabled roofs is a perfect photo opportunity. You will still see the occasional thatched roof that is reminiscent of earlier times. Take a self–guided walk through the gardens of Myres Castle with Japanese flowering trees, an old Spanish chestnut tree and climbing roses on the castle walls.

Drop into the pub and hear the legend of the Devil's visit to Auchtermuchty. It is said that the early people of the town were so pious that the devil himself actually came here in the guise of a Presbyterian minister to tempt the people. His cloven hoofs gave him away and it is said that every new clergy that comes to the town is under close scrutiny.

Explore the ancient winding streets of Auchtermuchty and let your mind wander back to what this town must have looked like in earlier times. The scenery is breathtaking and will have you gazing all around you in awe. Drop into the stores where you will find a wide assortment of knitwear and other crafts unique to the Kingdom of Fife. There is plenty of accommodation for you to choose for a day or a week – however long you want to stay. The restaurants serve exceptional meals and it is a guarantee that you won't go hungry.

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