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Dalgety Bay Travel Guide - Scotland

Dalgety Bay is a wonderful town in Fife, located on the coastal north shore of the Firth of Forth. Although the modern town is larger than the original village of Dalgety, it still retains much of the charm and history of the area.

A coastal commuter town with charm and interest

Modern Dalgety Bay is very much a suburb town of Edinburgh, thanks to its close proximity to the larger city. Despite this closeness, however, Dalgety Bay is still a fairly small town with all of the associated advantages and benefits. The construction is largely newer, which means the houses and other structures have plenty of modern conveniences, but efforts have been made to keep the town's spirit small and community-oriented. The residents have done such a good job of this, in fact, that the town has more than once been named a Best Kept Small Town in Scotland.

Dalgety Bay itself derives its name from the original village of Dalgety, which was located on the site of what once was St. Bridget's Kirk in the 12th century. Donbristle House was the original large residence built by the first Earl of Moray, with the village of Dalgety surrounding the estate. Later the village was moved away from the estate, and in World War I a portion of the original state lands were donated to the Crown and developed as a Royal Naval Air Service Base. The base was used throughout World War I and World War II; afterwards it was developed with housing and turned into what is now the modern village of Dalgety Bay.

Beautiful views and pleasant surroundings

The Firth of Forth is a terrifically beautiful stretch of water, and from Dalgety Bay you can get a particularly good view of the forth estuary. In fact, modern Dalgety Bay extends not only along the Firth of Forth, but also across a number of other coves and bays such as St. David's Bay and Donibristle Bay. It's no wonder, then, that Dalgety Bay is renowned for its beautiful views and pleasant surroundings.

Although Dalgety Bay is primarily known as a suburb of Edinburgh, its scenery and small town feel make its popularity as a holiday destination continue to grow. Whether you are looking for someplace to get away for a weekend or for an extended stay, make a point of considering Dalgety Bay.
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