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Elie Travel Guide - Scotland

The village of Elie is a wonderful place to visit while in Scotland, home to a number of fun activities as well as interesting Scottish history and culture.

Two villages become one

The modern village of Elie has only officially existed since 1930; prior to that it was actually two separate villages called Elie and Earlsferry. The history of the area dates back to the 11th century, with the location becoming a crossroads for travellers and trade by the middle of the 12th century. The harbour located in what used to be Earlsferry was the primary one used until the late 16th century, after which more and more trade activities migrated to Elie instead. Visitors can get a taste of the history of Elie by visiting a small chapel located along Chapel Ness, a location where traders and pilgrims often stopped.

The economy of Elie was based on trade, railroads, and coal mining for several centuries, as well as fishing and cotton weaving. Eventually these industries began to dwindle, and most of them disappeared altogether by the early 1970's. They were replaced by a thriving tourist industry which continues to make Elie a popular destination to this day.

Elie Harbour A modern tourist hub

Elie is located just ten miles south of the famous St. Andrews, so it's no wonder that golf has become a major source of tourism for Elie and the surrounding area. Earlsferry Links is where golf has been played in the area since the 15th century or so, and over the centuries this historic course has evolved and changed into a magnificent set of 18 holes that any golfer will find both beautiful and challenging. The current club located at the Earlsferry Links is called the Golf House Club, and its clubhouse is worth visiting while you are there.

Sailing and vacation homes are also major sources of tourism in Elie, thanks to the harbour area and the many lovely home sites overlooking the village as well as the water. Many people from Glasgow and Edinburgh spend time each summer in the many holiday homes throughout the area, and the town of Elie itself offers a lovely assortment of shops, pubs, eateries, and other services necessary to support a thriving tourist hub.