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The Orkney Isles Travel Guide - Scotland

Originally known as Hrossey meaning Horse Island, Orkney's principal island is now referred to as the Mainland.

Nothing will prepare you for the majesty of the 70 islands of Orkney, with villages, burial chambers and standing stones built before the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

With a great wealth of prehistoric remains the most remarkable are the Neolithic settlement Skara Brae, the outstanding 5000 year old tomb of Maes Howe, the Bronze Age stone circle of Brodgar, the Iron Age brochs of Birsay and Gurness and the Pictish earth houses.

Later attractions like the Italian chapel, which as the name suggests, was built by the Italians held prisoner in Orkney during the Second World War.

The isles of Orkney have experienced Neolithic, Pictish, Celtic, Norse, Scottish and European influence, which provides a variety of histories that you can experience. The first settlers were believed to be here as early as 4000 BC.

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